Here are some of my favorite places I have visited!

Antalope Canyon, Arizona

Antalope Canyon is an amazingly beautiful place in Page Arizona. It is best to view the canyon in the morning or the afternoon to really get the full effect of the gorgeous colors. I had to leave at 4am in order to get the first tour for the best light but it was worth it! I think the photos speak for themselves as my number one place I have visited.


Brandy Brook, Canada

An 8 hour drive from my home in Boston to get to fly fishing paradise. Brandy Brook is a once in a lifetime experience that I will treasure for years to come. I am lucky enough to have a friend who owns the estate in rural Canada and he was gracious enough to invite me up for some fresh air, great fishing, and some ATV fooling around.  


Machu Pichu, Peru

After a bus ride up one of the scariest roads I have ever been on, I encountered one of the wonders of the world! Machu Pichu is a place that I will always remember. No matter where you are the views are incredible. I was lucky enough to spend two days here, taking in the surrounding culture and the jaw dropping overlooks. Truly a place I would not hesitate to return to!

Galapagos, Ecuador

The Galapagos is a great place if you love animals. I certainly do! Being surrounded by wild animals that don't even care that you are there is something that I doubt you can experience many other places. Although you are not allowed to stay on the islands themselves, the boat we rested on every night gave us great views of the islands. Truly a bucket list trip!

Aspen, Colorado

Skiing through mountain ranges gives me a feeling of overwhelming gratitude. I have been skiing from a very young age and never had the privilege to ski out West. I grew up on northeastern mountains, that are known for their ice. Finally, I got to go skiing in Colorado six years ago and I have returned every year since.