Quinn and Jessica 2019

Jessica and Quinn


Jessica and Quinn contacted me in the fall to photograph their wedding. We met up at a local coffee shop and discussed what they were looking for. Both of them were open to suggestions, as they didn’t seem to have much direction when it came to the photography. We talked for a few days and came up with a package that fit their needs.


During the getting ready process, Jessica started to get nervous. We were able to assure her that the wedding was going perfectly and there was nothing to worry about. We showed her a few of the photos we were capturing and told her it was very normal for a bride to get nervous before walking down the aisle.

The ceremony went perfectly. Both Jessica and Quinn could not have been happier. From the amazing flowers at the alter to the stunning views of the ocean, my team and I had a great time. The temperatures were high, but with the nice ocean breeze it was a beautiful day.

After the ceremony, we took the wedding party and family down to the beach to get the formal photos done. We were able to get some really fun shots down there, even while dealing with the harsh sun. Both sides of the wedding party were great to photograph.


After the first dance, speeches and dinner, we took Jessica and Quinn down to the beach just in time for golden hour to get some photos of just the two of them. Most couples enjoy this, not only because of the photos, but it gives them a break from all that is going on at the wedding to relax and privately enjoy their first moments as husband and wife.

We went up to capture Quinn and Jessica’s first dance as a married couple, while the entire wedding surrounded them to watch. I think this is the time during a wedding that it really sets in that the bride and groom are officially married!


After a few more formalities (parent dances and cake cutting) the dance floor was finally open. Jessica and Quinn were not only on the dance floor most of the night, but the majority of the guests at the wedding joined them as well. DJ Manolo did an amazing job getting everyone excited to party!


Later on in the night, Jessica left to get changed into her dancing outfit for a truly special performance! She hit the floor with her two bridesmaids and really killed it. They entertained the entire wedding, but the groom seemed especially happy.


At the end of the wedding, we took Jessica and Quinn down to the beach for one more photo before the crew and I left for the night. I really enjoy doing these nighttime photos and they were just as excited to be a part of them. It was the perfect ending to an incredible day with an amazing couple!