3 Ways to get more out of Portrait Mode

As a photographer I love shooting with my professional gear but sometimes I either don’t want to set it up, or I leave it at home. Luckily we all have a camera in our pocket at all times now. Phone photography has come a long way in the past few years! Portrait mode on the iPhone is by far my favorite way to shoot on the go. Although it is good there are times where the software is lacking and strange effects take place. Here are my 3 tips to getting better results using Portrait mode.



Focus on what is closest to the camera. As you can see here I wanted the viewers eye to look right at the nose of my dog. Not his eyes but the little leaf on his nose.



Get close to your subject and farther from the background! The closer you are the better the phone works out the background. The farther the background is the more “blur” you will get. Unless you have the new iPhone XS or XS Max when you can go into the editing after and adjust the f-stop.



Keep it simple. The simpler the photo is the better the overall results turn out. Solid lines on the subject work much better than fly away hair and rough edges. Think of it like this…the simpler the subject the less work the software has to do to figure out where the background begins and where it ends.

Here are some examples of when portrait mode works:

Here are some examples on when portrait mode does not work: